Hi, my name is Phaedra
(for real, it is)
and this is my blog about everything.

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A bit about me..

I’m a married mom of two teenagers and a twenty-year-old, none of whom I have ever killed.

I swim, and I believe swim saved my life.

I have a lot of pets. Like, a lot. They’re so fluffy!

I collect pegasi.

I do not do most of the cooking in my household. I believe that men can cook pretty good.

I think it’s a good thing I’m not a vain person because my eyebrows are never on fleek.

I like to learn about and try new things.

I’m a huge nerd. It started early. When I was a kid I read an entire set of encyclopedias for fun.

I’m a tad creative. I often like to try out other people’s cool ideas. I sometimes make up my own stuff.

I like to think of myself as a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-some. My husband sometimes gets frustrated that I will abandon a skill once I get to a moderate level of mastery, because he thinks if I stuck with something I could make real money at it. He’s right, I’m sure. SQUIRREL.

I have an invisible chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It is a connective tissue disorder that affects all systems and organs in the body. It would mean a lot to me if you would click through to the link above and learn a little bit about it. I wish so much that someone had recognized my symptoms early in my life because that could have saved me years of misery. In particular I think P.E. and other teachers should be able to identify the symptoms.

I love exclamation points and commas. (Sorry!?) My daughter Lillie once told me that if I was a punctuation mark I would be an exclamation mark, so it all makes sense.

I get bored if I’m always doing the same thing, so I change it up a lot, which is why you will read about quite a few different topics here. I’ll try to keep things organized so ya’ll can be spared the stuff you don’t care about.

I hope that you can learn something from me, and that I can learn something from you too. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and tips by commenting on my posts!

See ya around 🙂