Then three months pass…

Right after my last post in May my father became seriously ill and was hospitalized for nearly three weeks. Once that calamity passed it took me a few weeks to regain my bearings and stop feeling utterly drained to the core. Then we were in the full swing of swim team season, and derby event after swim team event hit us weekend after weekend. Then my dad became sick again. And we were traveling constant. And this blog didn’t get no love. No love at all for three months. I am coming to the realization that this time in my life does not belong to me, but to everyone else, whose needs supercede mine because I love them that much.

I want to write, to blog, to create, to share, to teach, to make money… but now that school has begun again my days will be broken into bite-sized pieces which leave me little time and energy to pursue my own interests. It looks like I will need to help my parents more too. It’s fine, I’m not complaining, I choose this life of servitude. In just one year my middle child will be the second to leave the nest, she plans on joining the Navy. Then it will be just the three of us, and the baby of the family will be in high school. Life will change again. It always does.

I don’t intend to disappear completely, things will quiet down now and again. Maybe. In the meantime, I’m not not livin’! Keep up with me on Instagram!

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