That’s just the way it goes…

A little over a month ago I resurrected this old blog of mine from the ashes.  I made a plan of action, I set goals, and for more than three weeks I was having  a ball plugging along at those goals- posting project ideas a few times a week, working on the back-end of the site, dusting off my photography skills and equipment, learning to write again, and moving towards monetization. And then BAM life happened. Now I’m off-track and may remain so for a spell. That’s just the way it goes I guess.

So yeah, my momma is in the hospital and she’s in a spot of trouble. It’s been two weeks now since she got very sick and she’s been in the hospital for a week today. Today we are hearing she will be in the hospital at least another week. My poor mom is in a very vulnerable state both physically and mentally so I don’t feel like I can be away from the hospital much. I’m overwhelmed by worries and duties. I’m not thinking clearly so that even when I have a chance to work on this blog I just can’t make my brain work right. Which has made me realize that in the future, when things are calmer, it’s a good idea to work ahead and have some blog posts ready to post in case I get pulled away again. I’m learning still… and will forever be.

I am looking forward to posting about a few fun projects I’m currently working on: Bunny Ears for Easter and Paper Butterfly Art Installations for windows or walls. Both are such easy and fun things to do in the spring. My kids and I get together and make the butterfly art installations together every year just as soon as things start blooming. It’s one of our favorite traditions.

But yeah, life happens, and I’m back to that. I haven’t given up on my goals, I’ll just pick up where I left off later, when I can. See ya around. Wish us luck.

Today’s Project: Get my momma better. :/

Today’s Soundtrack: Classic Rock playlist, because it’s my mom’s fave.

I Finished Reading: Norse Mythology and Orphan Train
Both were excellent- Norse Mythology was a lot of fun, Neil Gaiman is just about my favorite modern author in the world. I love all the myths, but the Norse myths just have to be the funniest and quirkiest around. Orphan Train on the other hand will rip your heart out, in a kinda good way. I read it this week while my mom has been in the hospital though, and that might not have been the best idea. I like to save sorrowful stories for happier times, and read lighter books when life is heavy.

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